Business English

Make friends with business English

Make friends with business English

Do you regularly attend meetings and conferences but you are lacking in self-confidence?

Do you correspond with foreign business partners but you would like to improve your language skills?

Would you like to get promoted but your command of English is insufficient?

Does your job call for specialist jargon in a given field?

Would you like to improve your command of English, but you don’t get to use it at work at the moment?


one-to-one class for those who like the spotlight / crave attention


for teams and employees who are team players


classes without leaving the comfort of your office

online support

access to the vocabulary on a mobile app as well as online quizzes

Our teaching methods

  • conversational, interactive approach
  • genuine business English vocabulary
  • a wide range of topics from business areas
  • revising vocabulary with the aid of an online app (Quizlet)
  • grammar seamlessly integrated in the content
  • tailor-made group courses